It is known that the dialect is one of the most intimate characteristics of a territory, you don’t need to be an anthropologist to understand what value its conservation has and therefore, you too can enter the most mocked dialect in Italy!
Below, a series of lexical suggestions to integrate perfectly into the region where you are.
Considering that each province has its own particularities, below is a series of words and idiomatic forms that will be useful to you in the center of the Marche region.
Make sure you have a reserve of drawling ‘s’ and off we go.

Callaretta de la colla: this definition means ‘large quantity’. Example: me so magnàt’ pure la callaretta de la colla.

Abbuturare/Sbuturare: verb meaning ‘to roll up’ and ‘to unroll’. Typical of the alleys of the Sambenedettese where it is not uncommon to find old women weaving fishing nets

Scuppicchi: ‘capricci’ and also ‘fussiness’ Example ‘qua se magna chille che ce shtà (‘s’ drawled), nen fà tu’ ssì scuppicchi!

Le fregne e le bennelle: equivalent of the Nordic ‘la rava e la fava’ means ‘a little bit of everything’ Example: E m’ha talete de la madre, de lu padr’, de lu patró (job owner) and the babes and the buckets…

Frichì: ‘Children’ also in the broadest sense ‘Vasta a fà li frichì!’

Zaùtt’: ‘boy’ Example: Varda che bill’ zaùtt (our beaches offer several specimens of the genus)

Fantella: ‘Miss’ Example: she made herself her own ‘na fantella!

Giobba: said of boring and/or tiring work Example: Zitte mpò, m’è capitat’ ‘na giobba!

Jèmét: from overhanging escarpment indicates a difference in height from the traffic level Example: Momenti me scrociavo jò pe lu jèmét’!

Crushing: reflexive verb form equivalent to ‘falling/falling’ with related damage. Typical among fishermen on the rocks of the pier.

Malevastrò: awkward and awkward yet impetuous subject who often creates various kinds of messes
Example: Sci propri’ nu malevastrò (my father always told me, but I’ve improved)

Sci oh!: very frequent interlayer that is used in various contexts, with an affirmative intent not without sarcastic accents
Example: (heavy rain) Ahò, qua ce vòle l’umbrella’/ Sci oh!

Fricantò: great disorder, typical comment of mothers ‘Dentro a shta cammèra ce shtà nu fricantò!’

Cartoon by Marco Calcinaro